Eradicate Malaria and lower the impact of all mosquito-borne diseases throughout the World


About the company

Groundbreaking non-toxic, anti-mosquito patch

Much to the chagrin of the mosquito repellent industry, KitePatch succeeded in disrupting the market in 2013 when its non-toxic, wearable alternative to chemical-based mosquito sprays went live. Able to repel mosquitos for up to 48 hours with no risks or side effects, this anti-mosquito patch concept was so revolutionary, it commanded global attention and sparked media coverage across five continents.

As Creative Lead, Torrey Tayenaka is helping the Kite Team bring KitePatch to the masses and working to reduce the impact of mosquito-borne diseases globally. For every KitePatch sold, one is donated to vulnerable citizens of Uganda, where mosquito bites don’t just cause annoying itchies, but also threaten life by transmitting malaria and dengue fever. Developed by Kite scientists, the earth-friendly formulation repels these flying menaces by interrupting the sensor arrays they typically use to find humans. As with any great idea, many copycats of the repellent patch concept have popped up, but none carry the same effective results or brand recognition of KitePatch.