It's an annual no-holds-barred, skilled giving weekend where we totally revamp one nonprofit’s marketing. How do we do that? About 100 creative and strategic-minded professionals are selected, based on the work to be done for our client. Then we all come together to deliver branding and marketing.


About the company

Skilled-giving weekend powered by creative volunteers

The year was 2013 when Sparkhouse founder Torrey Tayenaka held the first Forge54 shindig, an intense 54-hour marathon where skilled creatives donated a full-fledged marketing campaign to help OC Food Bank fulfill its mission, totally free of charge. As president of Orange County Advertising Association Ad2 since [year], Torrey had a ball mentoring young professionals, saw the impact it had, and wanted to bring that same collaborative spirit to nonprofits in need. The Forge54 debut was a smash hit, and everyone agreed to make it an annual thing.

Each year, 100+ creative and strategic-minded professionals are selected by the Forge54 board members to develop a strategic marketing plan for a special nonprofit organization in need. Over the 54-hour skilled giving sesh, caffeinated creatives from novices to veterans roll up their sleeves and totally revamp the org’s marketing plan, engaging disciplines such as strategy, design, copywriting, PR, social media, video, mobile app and website development, and event planning.

As of spring 2022, Forge54’s donated services exceeded $900K in value, thanks to the  500+ volunteers giving their time to help incredible groups like Wells of Life, Playworks Southern California, and Dreams for Schools do more good for more people.