EvaDrop is a smart shower device that saves up to 50% of your water.


About the company

The world’s first smart shower device

One of the most rewarding sides to entrepreneurship is using it to solve big problems that affect our daily life, like the huge amount of water we waste every time we step into the shower. In [year], Torrey Tayenaka put on his inventor hat and asked the question—If our phones and cars can be “smart,” why not our showers? After much blood, sweat and brainpower, Torrey came up with a way to make the everyday routine of rinsing off waaay more sustainable, then he put a patent on it! 

EvaDrop is the world’s first smart shower. This innovative doodad cuts your water volume in half with the help of an advanced sensor system. Just tell the EvaDrop app what you want—and it automatically adjusts the water flow. Torrey’s brilliant bundle of valves and sensors work with the app to reduce water output, while still delivering a satisfying shower experience. Users can also select their preferred water temp, set timer alerts, track water usage, connect to bluetooth devices, and co-mingle with other water crusaders via the EvaDrop Community.

This water-saving shower sensation won (and is still winning) heaps of attention—EvaDrop was featured in Target’s Adding Up to Zero conservation space in downtown San Francisco, and in 2017 earned Torrey an “Innovator of the Year” nod from the Orange County Business Journal. In 2015, repping his invention, Torrey was invited to throw out first pitch at the Angels vs. Dodgers game for “Shock the Drought” Night. EvaDrop went on to earn a spot among the best of the best ideas, as Torrey pitched the eco-gadget on the illustrious Shark Tank stage.